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What Elvis did on Christmas Eve

What Elvis did on Christmas Eve

Postby JSchrembs » Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:01 am

December 24, 1955 Elvis stayed at home over Christmas and did not appear on the Louisiana Hayride this week.

December 24, 1956 Accompanied by Dottie Harmony, a showgirl Elvis dated in Las Vegas, he went Christmas shopping at Lamar Airways Center.

December 24, 1957 Elvis wrote a letter to the Memphis Draft Board to request officially a deferment for the filming of his new motion picture: “so these folks will not lose so much money, with all they have done so far."

December 24, 1958 Elvis helped decorating the company's Christmas tree. He also entertained his fellow soldiers with a moving version of Silent Night.

December 24, 1959 Elvis had skin treatments since a little while. However, they came to an abrupt end, when Elvis accused Griessel Landau of making sexual advances. In responds Elvis was threatened with blackmail by the "doctor", about 16 year old girls which he knew Elvis was seeing. Elvis phoned the Colonel and the day after Elvis went to the army's Provost Marshal Division, which referred the case to the FBI. Griessel Kandau was not a real doctor and after a small payment, he flew to London and that was the end of it.

December 24, 1964 Elvis signed another one-year lease on the Perugia Way house to run through the following year.

December 24, 1965 Elvis bought some gifts from Harry Levitch, including gold wristwatches, one with the initials "GK" (George Klein) and one with "EP", some diamond rings, bracelets and charms and a butterfly pin.

December 24, 1966 Elvis proposed to Priscilla. He presented her the ring, he had bought from jeweler Harry Levitch sometime before.

December 24, 1967 a lot of party supplies were rented from Dixie Rents for the Graceland Christmas party. The ground were decorated with the usual life-size Nativity scene and 8 lighted garland trees were rented too. Nowadays they are owned by Graceland.

December 24, 1970 Again Elvis gave away some Mercedes’s. This time to Sonny West, who was about to get married, Dr. Nick and Bill Morris. In the early morning he visited the Memphis Police headquarters "to say hello, to the men and women who had to work on Christmas."

December 24, 1971 Elvis purchased a watch of $1,100, a ring of $500 and a chain of $1,200 form Lowell Hays. This transaction took place in the Memphian's men's room.

December 24, 1973 Almost every evening was spent at the movies, except for tonight: Elvis had surgery to remove an ingrown toenail at a podiatrist's office in Memphis.

December 24, 1975 Marion Cocke, the night nurse at Graceland, was with Elvis when he woke up from a nightmare. According to Cocke the dream was so real that Elvis awoke in a rage. He dreamt that he was broke and all of this friends has deserted him.
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