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Presley Family Gift Book Info

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Presley Family Gift Book Info

Postby artslayer » Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:53 pm

I'll get right to it.

My mother has a book that she was given by Presley family members shortly after his death. I have gotten permission from my mother to discuss this. I have looked for information on this book for years but have found nothing. I do not have a picture yet as the book has been locked away for many years. I remember seeing it and hearing about it several times when I was younger.

The book is small, white with gold leaf edges that is enclosed in a white box.
There is a pressed carnation with a blue scarf that belonged to Elvis, in the box.
The book is signed by Vester Presley.
The book is written about Elvis, not sure of the actual contents.

As to how she got the book, my father passed away about a month after Elvis passed. She had an opportunity to go to Memphis in 1978, then drove to to the Graceland gates from NY. Standing in front of the gates, a cousin, named Susan came down and starting talking with my mother who was visibly upset. My mother said that it has been difficult, she had "lost two kings", meaning my Father and Elvis. They invited her in and showed her Elvis' music room and took pictures in the garden, even put her up in a hotel for a couple days. Nicest family, they loved my mother and she loved them, instant friends.

As she was leaving, Vernon drove to the end of the driveway. He gave my mother the book and a carnation. He told her that he felt for the loss of my father and thanked her for her support of the Presley family. She pressed the carnation in the book later. My mother continued to speak to Susan for many years afterwards and has since lost touch.

I have again started to ask questions about this book, not so much the value (that would be interesting to know) but what it actually is. Where there very many books produced? Where the books only given to family and close friends? I would consider this little known info but how rare is this book with the scarf? Have you or anyone ever heard of it? Or anything like it? Who was Susan?

I am in the process of cataloging some of my Mother's collection. This book and one other item are the only things that I am unable get information on besides what my mother tells me. Information or comments are appreciated.

Disclaimer: This is my Mother's story and I would like to keep it that way. It means alot to her and it is my only request that it is recounted with her permission.
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