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Elvis Presley and Marty Lacker

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Elvis Presley and Marty Lacker

Postby JSchrembs » Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:03 am

Elvis Presley and Marty Lacker (by Jeff Schrembs)

Elvis was not one to let anyone into his "circle". Elvis was, justifiably so, "guarded" when it came to those he befriended. Whether this was a result of growing up as a shy young man or his awareness that many people wanted to be known as Elvis "friend" so they could benefit (i.e. monetarily, access to women, etc.) once he became famous.

The general public, starting in the 1960's, labeled Elvis' inner circle as "the Memphis Mafia". This was due in part by them wearing similar clothing and doing everything to protect Elvis which included them being on "Elvis time".

"Elvis time" meant you ate when he ate. You slept when he slept. If he was going to California to make movies, for months at a time, you went too. If he was in a good mood everyone was relaxed. When he was upset he had a temper and was given the nickname (among others) as "fire eyes". His, sometimes hair trigger quick, temper was legendary and it adversely affected everyone around him. Contrary to what some may say, or believe, Elvis was human and (sadly) he died on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42.

Marty Lacker became a trusted friend of Elvis' in the early 1960's. Marty Lacker was "co-best man" at Elvis' wedding to Priscilla held on May 1, 1967. Marty Lacker was an intelligent, thoughtful, opinionated, honest, hard working, and worked with Elvis for many years.

During these years Marty Lacker, and his family, made sacrifices. Real sacrifices. Sacrifices of his time. Sacrifices by being away from his family. Sacrifices emotionally. Sacrifices monetarily as, for whatever reasons, as Marty Lacker and the Memphis Mafia in general, were not highly paid. Some would say that they, having been on call for Elvis 24/7, were highly underpaid in spite of whatever "side benefits" may have been involved.

Over the years Marty Lacker has opted to share his unique life story about Elvis' life onstage and off. He has been featured in books including those authored by the exceptionally talented Alanna Nash (who has written a few books about Elvis) and several documentaries.

What comes across, in the books and documentary and/or videos, is that he loved Elvis. He was heartbroken knowing Elvis' health was declining and the reasons for the decline. When Elvis died he lost the man who he had spent a great deal of his adult life caring for. Praying for. Wanting the best for. Living the highs and the lows.

Marty Lacker has taken his time to "correct" many stories related to Elvis. He has not hesitated to tell Elvis' story without mumbo jumbo (does anyone ever use these words anymore?) or via whitewash (i.e. glossing over, or minimizing, Elvis' faults and regrettable decisions).

I have always respected, and appreciated, Marty Lacker and his contributions about Elvis the person. Elvis the entertainer. Elvis the son. Elvis the man. And Elvis his friend complete with hopes, dreams, goals, trials and tribulations.

I encourage Elvis Presley fans worldwide to seek out, support, etc. any endeavor that Marty Lacker is involved in. Any video, book, etc. that Marty Lacker has been involved in is a "must" for Elvis Presley collectors (as I have been for 6 decades now).

When you can go to the direct "source", on any topic including Elvis, you learn valuable insights that can't be replicated. This is surely the case pertaining to Marty Lacker.

With each passing year (sadly) we have lost those who; worked with, loved, were related to, knew, etc. Elvis Presley. Thus we should make an effort to let those, such as Marty Lacker, know they are respected. They are acknowledged. They are thanked. As I have said, and believed, if "they were good enough for Elvis they are more than good enough for Elvis fans".

Thank you for visiting this blog and please let others know via social media. Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs 2016 All Rights Reserved
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